Social Media

Turn up your Tiktok. Get louder on LinkedIn. Be fabulous on Facebook. We help your business leverage both paid and organic social to get right in front of your target audience. As Meta Partners we know what works on the major platforms, and with our quirky Quokka style can help you to make a splash on social.

Stand Out on Social

Whether you want to grow your organic social presence, looking to drive leads with paid social campaigns, or need some strategic support, here at Quokka we’ve got you covered.
Social is our superpower.
We blend smart strategies, behavioural science, deep data insights and a touch of Quokka quirkiness to ensure that your company cuts through the noise.

The Smartest Social Strategies

As humans, we go to social media to be entertained, to be educated, to converse and to belong.
To truly connect with your audience, you need to harness these impulses to build a social campaign that speaks directly to them. That’s why at Quokka, we do things differently.
We blend technical expertise and behavioural insight to create social strategies that deliver.
Our team know the platforms we work on inside out and stay on top of the latest social trends, algorithms and advertising changes to ensure that we are using each social channel to the best advantage.
And social is a two-way street. As well as building creative and strategic content calendars, we engage directly with your audience to grow trust, build communities, and ultimately make you the “go-to” in your industry.
Our in-house copywriters write captions that captivate, ad copy that converts and know how to hook an audience.
As Meta Partners and LinkedIn advertisers, we have a strong track record in delivering campaigns that work.

Paid Social Agency

Want to get right in front of your ideal audience? Paid social is one of the quickest ways to get your message directly to your market. The TV slots of modern times, social media advertising allows you to leverage powerful machine learning to uncover new audiences and make the most of existing ones.

Social Strategies & Auditing

Got the resource to deliver, but need a birds eye view? Let us help. We take a deep dive audit into your social platforms, your website analytics and use a range of cutting-edge tools to see what your social is really doing for your business. Then we work to set you a roadmap for future success.

Social Media Management Services

Our social media management is backed by research and strategic thinking alongside some cool creative magic. We are all about creating conversations and not chasing likes.

Community Management

The clue is in the title! Social media is about being social. Quokka help you generate the conversations and connections that matter. From engaging with your ideal customers to connecting you with influencers in your industry, we put the networking back into your social networks.

B2B Social Specialists

B2B need never be boring. We help B2B and service based businesses to make social more exciting. From our LinkedIn workshops to full social strategy, our superpower is turning your platforms into a place where magic happens.

Platforms we work with

We work across all social platforms, but work with you to identity where your efforts are best focused. Want to try Tiktok? We’ve got you covered. Leaning towards LinkedIn? Let’s get you started? We stay up to date with the latest trends and changes too.

WTF is a Quokka?

WTF is a Quokka? I know what you’re thinking. Kwok ahh? Kwoak er? How do you say it? Wtf is it, and frankly, we came here for marketing advice, so

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