Marketing Strategy

Venture into our strategy lab where we blend raw data with creative insights to hatch a plan that’s as distinct and effective as your brand. From a single brainstorming session to delivering a full digital marketing strategy we are here to get your virtual house in order. Our endgame? Your brand, smiling wider than a Quokka at the top of the digital food chain.

Strategic Marketing for your Business

Your business is on a journey. You’ve got an idea of the destination but haven’t quite nailed down the directions yet.
Our strategic marketing services map out your path to success. We use data to determine the shortest route to where you want to be, our experience to opt for the smoothest roads, and our creativity to ensure that you don’t get stuck at a dead end.
Whether you’re looking for a strategy that you can take forward internally or want full hands-on support and implementation, we can help. And we aren’t just theorists. Our team works day in and day out in the trenches of digital, so we know what delivers the biggest impact in the here and now.

Digital Marketing Consutltancy

Quokka provide digital marketing consultancy and activation for clients who want to get ahead online.
We help your business navigate the evolving digital landscape using our blend of data driven insights alongside practical platform knowledge to help you to create marketing plans that drive your business forward.
Whether you are undertaking a digital transformation project, want to audit your existing activity or need an agency that will take your ideas and put them into digital practice, Quokka are on hand to help.

Marketing Audits

Drowning in data and not sure what’s working for you? We can undertake a full digital audit to give you the insights to allocate your marketing budget for the best results. We can take a full 360° view of your current platforms, including your website experience, PPC campaigns, social media, SEO, PR and email marketing and offer you practical steps to move forward.

Competitor analysis and brand proposition

Using a range of market analysis tools, combined with our expert knowledge, we can undertake full competitor analysis to identify opportunities, potential gaps in the market, and where you can learn from your competitors. We help you to build unique value propositions that will increase sales and cement your brand.

Marketing Consultancy

Our strategic consulting services help you to achieve your business vision. From helping you to nail down a value proposition to creating a channel strategy, we combine data-driven insight with a touch of Quokka personality to get you results.

Project Consulting

Launching a new product? Need to get delegates to your event? Have a one off requirement? Not a problem. We can work with you on a single project from conception to full delivery.

WTF is a Quokka?

WTF is a Quokka? I know what you’re thinking. Kwok ahh? Kwoak er? How do you say it? Wtf is it, and frankly, we came here for marketing advice, so

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