Email Marketing

No one wants to see yet another boring newsletter. Our email marketing campaigns are designed to hit the heart of your customers. Using our behaviour based methods we create email marketing that will actually be read, and better yet, create more custom.

Email Marketing Agency

Let’s get right to the heart of the matter. You want to get right to your customer’s inbox.
Email marketing is a fast, affordable and effective way to turn potential leads into paying customers and keep your audience engaged with your business.
At Quokka, we create and deliver email marketing strategies that are laser-focused on your goals – helping you to truly harness the power of the humble email and elevate your campaigns to something extraordinary.

Build your business with email marketing

Email is often the backbone of every business. While many hear email marketing and think “cold outreach” email works far harder than that.
Email can be used to grow your reputation and enhance customer retention while of course converting leads into paying customers.
But getting it right is a fine balance – get it wrong, and your users will click that unsubscribe button faster than you can say “I knight you Sir Spamalot”.
What you say, how it’s presented and when you say it matters just as much in your email marketing as it does on a sales call, so we ensure that every single email touchpoint counts.
From creating automated, segmented campaigns to nurture your leads to making sure your latest offering is launched with a bang we are an email marketing agency that deliver on what we promise.

Email Marketing Strategy

Let’s make a plan! Whether you are looking to overhaul every element of your email marketing or have a specific objective in mind, such as lead nurturing or re-engaging your existing customers, we create data-driven strategies to reach your goals.

Email Newsletters

Create newsletters your list actually looks forward to opening.  We mix storytelling, great design and a touch of behavioural science to create newsletters that keep your readers coming back for more. Mix with our content writing services for a wholly joined-up content push.

Email Copywriting

Just need the copy? Can’t find the words? We certainly can. At Quokka we use behaviour-based triggers alongside good old fashioned storytelling to cast a spell over your customers. Whether it’s one killer sales email or a complete overhaul of your customer service sequences, we will always have the words.

Sales Funnel Emails

Good things come to those who nurture. If you’re a B2B business or have a highly priced product, it’s often the case that you need to nudge your leads along the process. We create nurture sequences and sales funnels that are designed to keep your audience engaged and lead to conversions.

Email Audits

Want to know what’s working for your business? We undertake full in-depth audits to analyse how well your email marketing works. Using a range of tools alongside good old fashioned human analysis, we dig deep to uncover what’s working, what’s not, and how to move forward.

Email Automation

Quokka are a channel agnostic email marketing agency. Sounds complex? All we mean is that we work across a range of platforms including Mailchimp, Klavyio, Active Campaign, Hubspot, SendinBlue and many more. We can connect your email automation through your website, and CRM system as well as segment your audiences. Not sure what you need? Just ask

WTF is a Quokka?

WTF is a Quokka? I know what you’re thinking. Kwok ahh? Kwoak er? How do you say it? Wtf is it, and frankly, we came here for marketing advice, so

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