Get ready to hop onto the first page of Google! At Quokka Agency, we blend the art of keyword optimisation with the science of technical SEO, ensuring your brand gets noticed in the vast digital landscape. And we do more than rank keywords. Our objective is always to get you more customers. From on-page to off-page SEO, local to international strategies, we use data-driven insights infused with the energy and delight of a Quokka, making sure your brand doesn’t just survive, but thrives!

SEO Agency Services

SEO is the process of making your site more attractive to search engines like Google or Bing which helps them to properly index your site and make it rank higher in search results.
At Quokka, we help make your website seductive to search engines and like catnip for your clients.
Our SEO services are designed to help you to convert more customers by providing online visibility at every stage of the customer journey. We use a mixture of behavioural insight, technical SEO know-how and bespoke outreach to get you right to the top.

An SEO agency you can rely on

We know that SEO can seem like a dark art. Swathed in jargon, mystery and mutterings of Google penalties.
But it needn’t be like that. Our team are friendly, avoid jargon and work alongside you to create an SEO strategy that works.
We look beyond the obvious and create SEO strategies that are made to meet your objectives – not just chase rankings.
In practice, this means our SEO agency services are more than just optimising your website. We are always assessing the search landscape and looking for opportunities to get you in front of your ideal clients.
Mixing technical SEO know-how, fantastic content strategy and digital PR we get your website seen.
So, unlike at Hogwarts, you can rest assured – your defence against the dark arts teacher isn’t a baddie in disguise.

Tecnical SEO Services

Our techical SEO services make sure that your website is SHOUTING at Google exactly what you offer. From structuring your website to be as Google-friendly as possible to ensuring that your site is appropriately indexed we make your website easy to find.

SEO Audits

Our audits are about more than giving you a technical checklist. We instead dig deep into your competitive landscape and give you a roadmap to SEO success with clear action points.

Digital PR and Outreach

We don’t want to go all Mean Girls here, but when it comes to your website, popularity matters. Having a strong backlink profile is like having votes from the cool gang. Our digital PR and outreach service helps you to get in with the “in crowd”.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We know you don’t just want to be at the top of search engines. You need to turn those extra visitors into customers. That’s why we work alongside you tracking how visitors use your website and learn how best to turn them into clients.

WTF is a Quokka?

WTF is a Quokka? I know what you’re thinking. Kwok ahh? Kwoak er? How do you say it? Wtf is it, and frankly, we came here for marketing advice, so

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