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The challenge

Enter ARC Europe ltd, highly respected in the realm of credit management activities across the UK. Blue chip clients like Nationwide and David Lloyds stand as glowing testimonials to their prowess.
Yet they stood before a colossal challenge: Their existing website had a decidedly corporate feel. The look was slightly dated, the tone was a little old-school. It was user-friendly but not welcoming enough for those hoping to navigate their account online.

The solution

In charged Quokka Agency, armed with their expertise in brand communication and digital strategy.
Our mission was to revolutionise Arc’s tone of voice, redefine the website copy, and infuse it with an inclusive, welcoming aura to motivate users to embrace the online platform. This wasn’t about a mere sprucing up. It was about empowering the brand voice and turning it into a beacon of ARC Europe’s identity.
We joined forces with ARC and listened to their management team’s vison of what ARC Europe Ltd stood for. This was the basis for a brainstorming session incorporating a comprehensive tone of voice workshop, reshaping their language and imbuing a sense of empowerment for those grappling with debt.
The flame from the workshop was captured and condensed into a comprehensive tone of voice guideline document. This brand bible was the foundation of the transformative journey of their website copy.

The outcome

Then came the day of reckoning – the launch of ARC Europe’s revamped website. With bated breath, they released their new digital identity into the wild. Within days, the process bore fruit. Attracting attention from clients and users alike. It was not just a website anymore, but a digital embodiment of ARC Europe’s vision and values.

What ARC Europe said….

Enzo Montagnino of ARC Europe says “We knew from that first meeting we were in great hands, Quokka listened to what we are about and were able to augment our digital voice accordingly, and we are very pleased with the results”

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