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SureSafe provides independence & peace of mind with their range of personal alarms. SureSafe approached Quokka for help to grow their organic traffic and to assist in establishing them as a trusted source.

The challenge

SureSafe are a leading provider of personal alarms for older people and lone workers.
With an already established website, SureSafe were looking to grow organic traffic and establish their credentials as a trusted source of information for anyone looking for information relating to older care, lone working and related issues.
With a keyword and topic strategy already in place, SureSafe wished to appoint a copywriting agency who would meet the brief of providing SEO optimised content, that is still incredibly engaging for the reader.

The solution

Quokka Agency regularly delivered a suite of long form blog content centred SEO optimised topics close to the heart of potential buyers of SureSafe products. Additionally, we optimised existing category pages and wrote copy for new pages which benefit the SureSafe website.
The aim was not only to drive traffic through site using topics which are close to the hearts of potential customers, but to establish SureSafe as a thought-leader in their industry and a “go to” for topics which are pertinent to ageing and older care.
Quokka’s aim was to ensure that the content not just optimised for SEO, but for humans. Real ones.

The outcome

The results were outstanding. In the first six months of posting these articles, SureSafe saw An increase in organic traffic of 86% and revenue from organic traffic increased by 30%.
Additionally, the quality of content attracted an additional 194 backlinks to the website over the initial six-month period.
In a year where many businesses saw a decrease post pandemic, SureSafe instead saw a 115% increase in organic traffic and a 37% rise in revenue from organic traffic.

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