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Discover how our consultancy service helped Cheeky Wipes to grow their meta ads.

The challenge

We love a Cheeky challenge, and this is exactly what we got working with the amazing team at Cheeky.
Cheeky are a leading UK brand bringing us both Cheeky Wipes – the reusable baby wipes that are saving millions of single use wipes from ending up in landfill, and Cheeky Pants – period pants that are making women’s lives much less hassle while saving the planet. They also offer reusable makeup wipes, nappies, and incontinence pads.
Cheeky were looking to take their Meta Advertising in house, but wanted an expert on hand to help to make sure that they were getting the best bang for their buck from their Facebook and Instagram ads.

The solution

Working on an ongoing ad-hoc consultancy basis we helped Helen to completely restructure and adjust their Meta ads campaigns.
We have got to be honest – Cheeky are an absolute dream to work with. They have great visuals, an ethical and fun brand, and when it comes to ads – Helen just “get’s it”. So our role was to provide that boring “techy” element that makes the magic happen on Meta.
Prior to being taken in-house, the campaigns had focused heavily on the bottom of funnel, which, while working to a point, was missing opportunity for growth and telling the world about their amazing offering. Our initial goals with Cheeky were to restructure the campaigns to both fill the top of funnel, and put more amazing social proof in front of new audiences.
We then helped to coach Helen in how to best manage campaigns on an ongoing basis to get the most out of her ad spend, and leverage their eye catching creatives across social platforms.

The outcome

Almost immediately, within days of initial changes to the campaigns, magic was happening! In some campaigns the CPA dropped by ¾ to a much more profitable £6 ish level which is incredible.
Top of funnel engagement campaigns for the reusable wipes meant that existing customers who commented on the efficacy of the wipes helped drive awareness and consideration to new lookalike audiences.
Filling the funnel at the top meant that within a month, this trickled through into a 10% increase in site traffic overall.
But what we are most proud of is how we’ve seen Helen absolutely flourish in using the Meta platform.

Cheeky say..

‘I only wish I had done this sooner! It’s so easy when working with agencies to be blinded by jargon. Charlotte explained the nitty gritty of the Meta back end and held my hand whilst we reworked the campaign structure together. I found it absolutely invaluable to have regular sessions reviewing what was working and what needed to be tweaked. This allowed me to gain confidence in the system and slowly but surely take back control of our social media spend.
By doing so, not only did I save on agency fees but significantly improved CPA and site traffic meaning I was spending around 50% less and generating more revenue!
I had been thinking about this for some time and really wish I had done it sooner. ‘

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