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The Digital Marketing Agency for those who want results. 

We offer more than digital delivery, instead we work with you on a full strategy from idea to implementation.
In practice, this means that we do more than take a brief (though we can do that too). Instead, we take an initial deep dive into your data, customer behaviour, and potential channels to ensure you achieve your goals.

Building your

In a digital landscape that’s moving faster than a hungry cheetah, we don’t just charge in like a rhino. Instead, we take the time to analyse your business, your audience and your objectives.
Our four-stage process is designed to ensure that your campaigns are built on the right foundations for success.
We are proud to be inventive and help you mix things up. We don’t do things “as they’ve always been done”. Instead, we use data, insight, and a touch of Quokka magic to deliver real results for your business.


While you may have been winging it – we dig deep into the data to understand your current marketing landscape. We use a range of tools alongside our analytical expertise to get to the heart of what’s working, what’s not and what we can do better.

Channel expertise

We do what we love. Day in and day out our team is experimenting and continuing to learn about the platforms we use. We are proud to be both Google and Meta Partners and have a deep understanding of the channels we work on.


Everything we do is created to trigger the behaviour you want from your customers. Be that buying into a service, supporting a cause, or singing your praises online.


While we work with serious businesses, we strongly believe that people want personality. And that’s why we love to inject a little fun into your marketing. Just like a Quokka, we want to make them smile.

News and Views
Read our latest news, views and opinions. Keeping you up to date with the world of digital marketing with our signature Quokka style.
Our Work
Want to see how we do it? Every project is unique – like that home made spaghetti sauce, it turns out different but wonderful every time. But hey – let’s see how these masterpieces went.
Start your journey to a better business. Get in touch with us to discover how we can help you.

Digital Marketing Agency That Drives Results

We know you don’t want empty promises. That’s why we will never make them. We work with businesses that want a long-term strategy and consistent digital delivery that stays ahead of whatever changes the world throws at it.

Our Clients

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